fhloston affairs

cause destruction; encourage life

mission statement

fhloston affairs seeks to immerse their audience in hyper-produced environments engaging all senses by morphing comprehensive production concepts, interactive cinematic visuals & curated music selection into uniquely-tailored experiences


synchronizing modern performing arts in immersive environments stimulating senses & perception

core tenet

organic technology // artificial life

fhloston is an interstellar construct in search of patients capable of harnessing our amplifications

artistic attunement

each part of the event plays an integral part of creating the immersive environment

in-house thematic production partnered with the collaborative efforts of artists that share our vision

arcane engram v0.5 // initialization

current recourses

visual // arcane engrams

on location

bespoke a/v production

4k video + audio reproduction

social edits + auxiliary pieces

comprehensive collaborative execution

experiential // [materializing]

intimate location

bespoke a/v production

text-based info pipeline

eco-friendly + "loyalty" amenities

video + audio reproduction (w/ permission)

upcoming development protocols

rinzen feature production [2023]

live event [2023 / 2024]

thank you.